Young Park

RAW Artistic Director

Young was born in South Korea and her family moved to Boston Massachusetts when she was 7-years-old. She began studying music (viola) at the age of ten, attending New England Conservatory Prep School and Walnut Hill School of Performing Arts. After her BA in Music from Oberlin College, she pursued an MA from the University of Michigan and co-founded SAFMOD (now based in Cleveland, OH), a multi-disciplinary performing arts group that focused on the creation of original pieces, integrating music and dance styles from different cultures. As Artistic Director of SAFMOD from 1993-2004, she created numerous original choreography, influenced by movement styles like Butoh, Contact Improv, capoeira and stilting. Young continues to be interested in the combination of movement and music and is currently drawn to taiko¹s more sparse aesthetic, a boiled down essence of movement and rhythm drawn from the primal energy of the drum. In RAW, Young has found a community of kindred spirits: strong Asian women dedicated to cooperative principles of learning and making powerful music. She is privileged to work hard with the group to bring a traditional form into a modern context for mutual empowerment and to spread positive ripples throughout society. Young has been living in Toronto since 2005 and joined RAW in 2007.  She became managing director of RAW in 2015 and took on the role of artistic director in 2017.