RAW Apprentice

Mila identifies as a Black Chinese-Trinidadian queer woman and is first-generation Canadian born in her family. Stemming from this positionality, in various ways and contexts, she has dedicated her efforts to interrogating what it means to ‘belong.’ Throughout the process, she has turned to the arts as a site of reflection, growth, energy, intensity, struggle and joy. Mila’s current graduate work focuses on experiences and expressions of unfixed and fluid racialized and sexual subjectivities, and how these are translated into and through pedagogical and performative art practices. Working to decolonize herself and her communities, to resist and disrupt internalized and systemic intersecting oppressions, Mila hopes to engage and encourage communal ways of relating to each other and walking/eating/creating/loving in the world and on the land with care.  A part of this work, and what drew her to RAW, is politicizing the everyday and taking up space–learning to be present, to be loud, and to be open. In doing so, she also hopes to facilitate spaces for and to listen to the voices of those who are often not seen or heard. She is humbled to have this opportunity to learn and play and rage with RAW, and to spend time with so many kind, passionate, and artistic individuals.