Elvie Choi

RAW Member

Elvie Choi is proudly first generation Canadian-born Chinese to immigrant parents from Shantou, China and Hong Kong. Growing up in Toronto’s own diverse “Chinatowns” from downtown to Scarborough to Markham, she describes her upbringing and heritage as, ‘hyphenated, in the most literal sense,’ and she enjoys interrogating what it means to be “Asian-Canadian”. With an educational background in Social Work and Film Studies, Elvie is a Community Engagement Worker, Artistic Associate and Volunteer & Intern Resources Manager who has worked primarily in the not-for-profit arts; she has developed and managed programs in Toronto, Canada and Abu Dhabi, UAE. A life-long lover and consumer of anything classifiable as art, culture or even religion, she is passionate about how all these things intersect with a social justice mandate as an instrument for decolonization, empowerment and healing. She has always considered herself a mediocre piano player, but joining RAW as an apprentice in 2015, Elvie is immensely grateful and humbled to live out her dream of drumming, to learn from and with a group of formidable, inspired women artists and to share the powerful expressions of the Taiko drum with audiences everywhere.  Elvie became a member in January 2017.